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The pop star has made US chart history after her new single, Blank Space, climbed from number 13 to the number one position on Billboard's Hot 100.
Local A North Carolina man has demanded in a lawsuit that York County put the Confederate Flag and other Confederate items back in the York County Courthouse.
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Over five years on the underlying biases have not changed, and if anything gotten more notable.
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She also got married to Joeseph Cappuccio, who is a well-known businessman. Eva La Rue dreamed about acting and modeling since her childhood days.
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Pictured, policemen investigate the death of a woman, who was shot down by an unidentified man Police officers have a list of people who are suspected of being involved in drugs.
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I had two beautiful daughters born in Australia then came home and had our son, two lovely mokopuna and a step-daughter join our whānau.