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The Callaway GPSync generally returned distances within our standard expected range of variance for GPS devices, usually plus or minus up to 4 yards from actual distances (based on marked sprinkler heads).It was, however, usually somewhat slow in stabilizing on a distance compared to other devices we were testing concurrently, which doesn’t exactly instill confidence that you have the right yardage.Many of the most common issues are related to simply issues such as your network is misconfigured, the name of your server computer has changed or the server is turned off.Check out our Daylite Sync Troubleshooting articles on Help Centre to troubleshoot the most common error messages for Daylite on the Mac, the i Phone and i Pad, as well as Daylite Server Admin.jive.i18Msgs(); jive.i18Msgs(); jive.i18Msgs(); jive.i18Msgs(); jive.i18Msgs(); var jive Membership = new jive. Main(); var picker Args = ; var jive Move Content = new jive. Main(picker Args); var jive Thread To Doc = new jive. Main($j.extend(, picker Args)); var jive Lock Thread = new jive. Org Sing Title.gtitle':'\'s ','global.mention':'Mention','profile.desc':'View Your Profile','profile.places.nofollow.label':' isn\'t following any places','bookmarks.link':'Bookmarks','wiki.yourdocs.desc':'View your recent documents','blogs.label':'Communities','profile.send_directmessage.link':'Send message','profile.followingsingle.display.text':' is following person','rel.confirm.approvers':'People who can approve this request:','you':'was shared with you','eae.inbox.invite':'Send and receive invitations to collaborate on content','eae.inbox.your_activity':'Your Activity','global.access.102':'Document','mark.read':'Mark read','search.content.discussion':'Discussions','profile.friends.youarefollowing.text':'You are also following this person','search.result.people.following':'Following','license.compliance.messaging.subscription. To unsubscribe, click "Stop email notifications" below.','profile.friends.requestfollowing.message.text':'Note: will need to approve your request','tasks.other.desc':'\'s tasks','profile.visible Gsts_desc.text':'Whether or not the field is visible to guests.','pl':'friends','search.admin.content Rebuild.failure Retrieval.failure':'There was an error retrieving rebuild entries to retry.','search.facets.show':'Show','eae.join.request':'is requesting to join','profile.tasks.label':'\'s Todo List','follower.display.text':' person is following you','search.text':'Manage search settings using the forms below.','userbar.welcome.gtitle':'Welcome','eae.inbox.directmessages':'You don\'t have any messages','profile.user_communities.title':'\'s Spaces','text':'in','search.admin.synonyms.edit':'Edit','unread':' unread','profile.sidebox.iphone.reenable.text':'Re-enable your i Phone.','create.use_large_link':'Use large menu','notif.request':'request','discussions.label':'Your Discussions','Feed Of List.tooltip':'RSS Feed of this list','eae.result':'as a','disabled':'You are using a device that only enables you to add content.','search.people.fuzzy Name':'Phonetic name','search.admin.content.settings.attachments':'Search attachments:','status.repost':'reposted \'s status update','profile.friends.label.name':'Label name','anncmt.announcement.gtitle':'Announcement','search.Main Search.text':'People will appear in the main search, however, if you need a more advanced people search, visit the People page.','due Date':'Due date:','eae.inbox.no_actions':'You don\'t have any unread messages','pl':'peers','search.result.favorites':'Favorites','profile.srchble Dsply Nm.checkbox':'Searchable','profile.other.desc':'View \'s Profile','eae.notification.approved':'You have been granted membership to','create.group':'Group','filtered.caption':'Show only results for ','task.label':'Tasks','profile.user_favorites.title':'\'s favorites','text':'Minimum','profile.images.label':'Profile Photos','external-site.label':'External Site','have':'You currently have','eae.stream.collapse':'Collapse','search.result.location':'Location','notifications':'Notifications','profile.friends.friends.label':'\'s Friends','license.compliance.messaging.subscription.modules.critical':'There are licensed modules which have expired, and will be suspended if the license is not updated.','commentedinresponseto':'commented (in response to )','

After the demise of the Callaway u Pro line of devices (which we liked a lot), we were hoping that this new release would represent a resurgence of the chevron brand, but the GPSync, while a functional device, never really excites in any way, and is pricy relative to what you get.

You may experience a sync error code from the Daylite Sync Indicator or an error message may pop-up with a brief description of the issue.

Many of our error messages include a brief description of the issue and include a direct link to a support articles.

Mar 25 enterprise syncthing[742]: [TDSQ7] WARNING: File name "amiga/a4000/Work/software/Scalos/Locale/Catalogs/fran\xe7ais" is not in UTF8 encoding; skipping.

Mar 25 enterprise syncthing[742]: [TDSQ7] WARNING: File name "amiga/a4000/Work/software/Scalos/Locale/Catalogs/\xc3e\xd3tina" is not in UTF8 encoding; skipping.