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Humvee I IADT: Initial Active Duty Training IDT: Inactive Duty Training IE: Initial Entry IED: Improvised Explosive Device IET: Initial Entry Training IG: Inspector General IMA: Individual Mobilization Augmentee IO: Information Officer or Inspecting Officer IRF: Immediate Reaction Force IRR: Individual Ready Reserve ITB: Infantry Training Brigade ITT: Information Tours and Travel J JAG (jag): Judge Advocate General JCS: Joint Chiefs of Staff JPPSO: Joint Personal Property Shipping Office JSLIST: Joint Service Lightweight Integration Suit Technology JTF: Joint Task Force JUMPS: Joint Uniformed Military Pay System K KIA: Killed in Action KISS: Keep it simple stupid/sweetie KP: Kitchen Patrol L LES: Leave and Earnings Statement (his pay stub) LOD: Line of Duty LZ: Landing Zone M MACOM: Major Army Command MC: Medical Corp MEB: Medical Evaluation Board MEDCOM: Medical Command MEDDAC: US Army Medical Department Activity MEPS (meps): Military Entrance Processing Station MGIB: Montgomery GI Bill MHO: Medical Hold Over MI: Military Intelligence Mi CAP: Mileage Capability MIA: Missing In Action MILES (miles): multiple integrated laser engagement system MOS: Military Occupational Specialty MP: Military Police MRB: Medical Retention Board MRE: Meals Ready to Eat MSC: Medical Specialty Corp MSM: Meritorious Service Medal MSO: Morale Support Officer MTF: Military Treatment Facility MWR: Morale, Welfare and Recreation N NAF: Non-Appropriated Funds NATO (Nato): North Atlantic Treaty Organization NCO: Non Commissioned Officer NCOER: NCO Evaluation Report NCOIC: NCO in Charge NG: National Guard NLT: Not Later Than NPS: Non Prior Service O O: Officer OBC: Officer’s Basic Course OCONUS (Oh-Cone-us: Outside Continental United States OCS: Officer Candidate School OER: Officer Efficiency Report OHA: Overseas Housing Allowance ORB: Officer Record Brief ORE: Operational Readiness Exercise OSC: Officer Spouses’ Club OSUT (oh-sut): One Station Unit Training OWC: Officers’ Wives Club P PAC (Pack): Personal Administration Center PAD: Patient Administration Division PAO: Public Affairs Officer PCS: Permanent Change of Station PDA: Physical Disability Agency PDHRA: Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment PDQ: Pretty Damn Quick PDRL: Permanent Disability Retirement List PEB: Physical Evaluation Board PEBLO: Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer PHA: Periodic Health Assessment PLDC: Primary Leadership Development Course (now WLC) PMOS: Primary Military Occupational Specialty POA: Power of Attorney POC: Point of Contact POV: Privately Owned Vehicle POW: Prisoner of War or Personally Owned Weapon PS: Prior Service PT: Physical Training PX: Post Exchange Q QM: Quartermaster QTRS: Quarters R RA: Regular Army RBI: Reply by endorsement RC: Reserve Component RD: Rear Detachment (also referred to as “Rear D”) RDC: Rear Detachment Commander RDF: Ranger Dining Facility or Rapid Deployment Force REGT: Regiment RFO: Request For Orders RHHT: Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Troop RIF (riff): Reduction in Force RIP: Ranger Indoctrination Program RLTW: Rangers Lead The Way RON: remain overnight (TDY) ROTC (sometimes called rot-see): Reserve Officer Training Course R&R: Rest and Relaxation/Recreation RSO: Ranger Safety Officer S S-1 – Adjutant S-2 – Information and Security S-3 – Planning and Training S-4 – Supply Officer SBP: Survivor Benefits Program SD: Staff Duty SDO: Staff Duty Officer SGLI: Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance SHAPE (shape): Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe SOCOM (so-com): Special Operations Command SOP: Standard Operating Procedure SOUTHCOM (south-com): Southern Command (Miami) SQT: Skill Qualification Test SRB: Selective Reenlistment Bonus SRP: Sustainable Range Program SSN: Social Security Number T TA-50: Field equipment TAP: Transition Assistance Program TC: Truck Commander TDRL: Temporary Disability Retirement List TDY: Temporary Duty TIG: Time In Grade TLA: Temporary Living Allowance TLE: Temporary Lodging Entitlement TRADOC (tray-doc): Training and Doctrine Command TSM: Transition Services Manager TSP: Thrift Savings Plan TTAD: Temporary Tour Active Duty U UCMJ: Uniform Code of Military Justice USACE: United States Army Corps Engineer USAFE: U. Air Force Europe USAPDA: United States Army Physical Disability Agency USAR: United States Army Reserve USAREC: United States Army Recruiting Command USAREUR (use-ar-eur): U. He has since been medically retired but she continues to provide information to Army wives and families to make their adjustment to the Army lifestyle easier.

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It should go without saying that one of the new guns is a Model 70.You can read an extensive shooting review of the new gun by picking up a copy of the May/June issue of Rifle Shooter magazine available on newsstands now.

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F117 1972 --- Magnum F83** 1972 --- Magnum F11206 1972 --- Magnum F154** 1972 --- LR F188** 1972 --- LR F20*** 1972 F205** 1972 ---Magnum F229** 1972 --- Magnum F230** 1972 F28413 1972 F294** 1972 --- LR F299** 1972 --- LR F352** 1972 ---Magnum F4731* 1972 --- Magnum F495** 1972 --- LR F547** 1972 --- LR F604** 1972 --- Magnum F604** 1972 --- Magnum F6098* 1972 --- Magnum F6107* 1972 --- Magnum F61975 1972 --- Magnum F64760 1972 --- Magnum F703** 1972 --- LR F711** 1972 --- LR F721** 1972 --- Magnum F778** 1973 --- Magnum F793** 1972 --- LR F900** 1972 --- LR F98*** 1972 --- LR F80146 1973 --- Magnum F866** 1973 --- Magnum F825** 1973 --- LR F1024** 1973 --- Magnum F113392 1973 --- Magnum F121994 1973 --- LR F1259** 1973 --- Magnum F1430** 1973 --- Magnum F145952 Late 73 or early 74 model F153137 1974 ---Magnum F1578** 1974 --- Magnum F157957 1974 --- LR F1631** 1974 --- LR F184*** 1974 --- Magnum F1982** 1974 F2104** 1974 --- LR F16991* 1975 --- Magnum F216015 1975 --- Magnum F241*** 1975 --- LR F2842** 1975 --- Magnum F31909* 1977 --- XTR Magnum F321*** 1976 --- LR F323*** 1978 Carbine LR F33113* 1977 --- XTR LR F336*** 1977 --- Magnum F3413** 1977 --- XTR LR F349196 1978 --- Magnum F34961* 1977 --- XTR Magnum F352643 1977 F374482 1978 --- XTR Magnum F376*** 1978 --- XTR LR F382738 1978 --- XTR Magnum F385288 1978 --- XTR Magnum F389135 1979 --- XTR LR F390183 1979 --- XTR LR F405*** 1980 --- XTR LR F4182** 1980 --- XTR Magnum F436*** 1980 --- XTR Magnum F45245* 1980 --- XTR LR F490*** 1982 F503*** 1981 --- XTR Magnum F5117** 1982 --- XTR Magnum F5189** 1982 --- XTR F5241** 1982 --- XTR LR F5348** 1984 --- XTR LR F577535 1983 --- XTR Magnum F5570XX 1985 --- XTR LR F56525* 1986 --- XTR classic LR F56730* 1986 --- XTR Classic Mag F5666** 1986 --- XTR Magnum F569*** 1986 --- XTR LR F576537 1988 --- XTR LR F58001* 1988 --- XTR Magnum F582717 1988 F594137 1989 --- Magnum F614*** 1989 --- Magnum F612*** 1990 --- LR F6260** 1992 --- Magnum F648*** 1993 F6593xx 1993 --- Magnum F6599xx 1993 --- LR F67066* 94/95 --- LR F6776** 1995 F68091* 1995 --- LR F688142 1995 --- Magnum F691407 1995 --- Trapper F6978** 1996 --- Trapper LR F69903* 1996 --- Trapper LR F71531* 1997 --- Trapper Magnum F723*** 1998 --- Magnum F731530 1999 ---Trapper F741455 1998 --- Magnum Trapper F7419** Late 2000 --- LR F7484** 2001 ---LR F7491** 2001 --- LR F7585XX 2003 --- Magnum --- Yellow Boy Edition F760803 2003 --- 17HMR F760*** 2003 --- 17HMR F7674** 2003 --- 17HMR F7752** 2004 --- LR FTS0052 2005 --- Win Mag High Grade Legacy Tribute Year Approx. 1972 - F48558 73 - F121182 74 - F169044 1975 - F229666 76 - F293472 77- F323197 78- F367976 79- F398044 80- F431532 81- F489918 82- F527632 83- F531722 84- F539305 85- F550843 86- F557835 87- F571623 88- F590039 89- F605281 90- F617848 91- F633224 92- F646000 93- F658316 94- F671391 AK, not to get off the subject, well maybe a bit, but seems like you know your 94's.

is there a big diff in the older ones than those made today ??

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